The New Ways

Felix LeifurMatthew DearDanFrits WentinkKerri Chandler and more.
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a subversive look at house music featuring music by Frits Wentink, Felix Leifur, Matthew Dear, Max Graef, Jonas Knopp, Kerri Chandler and more. Recorded live in Berlin, Germany

Shel Fuller is a Miami-born, NYC-tempered, Berlin based Producer, DJ and Remixer. He is creator of the monthly online radio series The Hidden Someone featured on Mixcloud. Shel Fuller has been producing under the name The New Ways since 2004.

Morning Formation (The New Ways Mashup feat. Beyonce, Chez Daimer and Ron Trent

In 2019, The New Ways has DJ residency at Berlin-based clubs Café Futuro, Studio 69 as well as BassStore Club in Pristina, Kosovo.

9Stage Music is so excited about THE NEW WAYS’ fourth installment at Basstoreclub in Prishtina, Kosovo on June 7th! The last Berlin Invasion with Cosma Lab was insane.

As DJ Arrington Essex, Shel Fuller made quite a name for himself. Featured in Out Magazine as well as as the other half of the NYC-based DJ duo Skeezer. Gaining notoriety Skeezer played venues such as The Albion Hotel, Nikki Beach Club and Crobar, as well as Winter Music Conference 2003, in Miami, Florida. Around the same time, Shel Fuller was resident DJ at NYC’s Remote Lounge and ICE in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Release 13 April, 2019- Mixcloud

Shel Fuller Musicology

Shel has performed in other New York City venues such as Void, The Boiler Room, and Spike Lite Coz Wonder Bar, just to name a few. While based in NYC, Shel further established himself with events like Missing Miss Modular- A Stereo Lab tribute, Artikos- The Bjork Remix Event as well as Underground- The Future of Electronic Music.

Having an extensive musical portfolio with little over 200 years worth of experience under his belt, this seasoned artist has been producing music under his current name The New Ways since 2004. In the last decade, The New Ways has been incredibly busy, producing a total of 6 albums and 6 EPs.

19/5 Transmission Kill Release- The New Ways (Shel Fuller)

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